FOCID PLUS is a multi-component, high-foaming liquid cleansing concentrate. The acidifying fraction is fruit acids, therefore this preparation is very safe for operation, washed surfaces and the environment. Proven for the removal of stubborn deposits from layers of protein and water scale, as well as rust and discoloration. It very effectively removes contaminants accumulated on floors, walls, housings of machines and devices. It polishes the washed surfaces. In working concentration, thanks to protective additives, it is safe for aluminum and non-precious steel. Recommended for use in high-foam central washing systems, pressure washers and foam generators.

It has built-in anti-corrosion components.

  • Biodegradation over 90%.
  • Working concentrations: 2.0-5.0%.
  • Washing temperature: 15-80 o C.
  • Dosing control: electronic-conductometric analysis.

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