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Caring for the health of employees will be much easier when they are provided with protective masks. Thanks to them, their respiratory tract will not be exposed to harmful vapors, and germs will not be transferred in the hall or in the processing plant. They will also allow you to maintain hygiene during contact with food in restaurants, hotels and shops. To be sure that the protective masks will fulfill their function, choose proven offers from the Wammashop.pl online store.

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Which protective masks will work best in the food industry?

Depending on the specifics of a particular branch of the food industry, the best protection is provided by slightly different work masks. In workplaces such as slaughterhouses or butchers, disposable health and safety masks will be irreplaceable, preventing solid contaminants of various origins from being passed. They are durable and provide adequate ventilation, so they do not cause discomfort during work.

The protective mask will also be irreplaceable in contact with the client when it is necessary to cover the mouth and nose in the event of an epidemiological threat. So it is worth having packaging in shops, hotels and restaurants. Employees who serve food to guests or serve it on a Swedish table can also use it to increase safety and hygiene.

Reusable face masks will be useful in many facilities where workers are exposed to less hazardous contaminants. They can be washed in the washing machine and ironed to carefully remove any dirt or microorganisms and take full advantage of them.

If you want to protect not only the respiratory tract, but also the rest of the face, choose additional protective helmets. Thanks to them, dust and liquids will not splash into the eyes and cause irritation. They also help to avoid droplet contamination and prevent you from touching your face too often. An adjustable helmet will be the best choice in this case. The employee can adjust it individually to the size and shape of the face, and thus set it so that it constitutes a tight protective barrier.

A protective face mask from the Wamma offer

Each face mask that you can find in the offer of our online store Wammashop.pl meets all the requirements for this type of product. Thanks to this, you can use our proposals without fear in workplaces related to the food industry. We offer hypoallergenic, airy disposable face masks made of high-quality, dust-free non-woven fabric. They guarantee safety during work and avoid irritation of the respiratory tract and the spread of infection. Durable rubber bands welded on the sides are extremely resistant, so you do not have to worry about their tearing off when putting on the mask, which is sometimes the case with this type of products. In turn, reusable protective masks are sewn from 2 layers of white cotton pleasant to the touch, which ensures a neat look. They are extremely comfortable and guarantee the necessary protection.

Each face shield prepared for our customers also meets the highest quality standards. These types of products are made of thin, transparent material that does not deteriorate the visual comfort, and thus does not affect the efficiency and quality of work. The helmets are adjustable with an elastic band and fastened with a snap. It ensures stability and the highest comfort of wearing the helmets. The face helmet can be used many times thanks to the easy cleaning and disinfection of the glass surface. If necessary, it can also be replaced with a new one.

Protective masks and helmets should be adapted to the nature of the work and individual preferences. However, in order to be sure that they will fulfill their function properly and will provide adequate protection, choose products from proven sources. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the offer of our Wamma online store and to complete a safe outfit for employees.