Plastic T-connection

The plastic "T" connector is a reliable element dedicated to mobile milking machines with numbers 01-5917 and 01-5918. It is a functional element that allows you to connect various hoses and pipes in the milking machine.

The connector is made of durable plastic, which ensures durability and resistance to external factors. This material is easy to clean and hygienic, which is especially important in the case of milking machines. The specially designed T-connection fits perfectly with mobile milking machines 01-5917 and 01-5918. It perfectly harmonizes with other elements of these milking machine models, ensuring a stable connection and effective operation of the device.

The plastic "T" connector is an essential element that allows the appropriate connection of various hoses and pipes in the mobile milking machine. Its durability, ease of cleaning and perfect fit to specific milking machine models contribute to a smooth and hygienic milking process.

Technical data:

Material: Plastic
EAN code: 5902385805599
Weight: 0.25 kg
Type: T

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