Sirman vacuum packers, Easysoft model:

A fantastic combination of a chamber vacuum packing machine with a cooking device at low temperatures.

Fast, compact vacuum packing machine for smaller needs

Simple settings for vacuum and encapsulation time

Easily removable encapsulation list

Bush suction pump

Vacuum percentage and time remaining display

Ability to save the last setting

Cycle counter and pump usage

Pump preheat and oil cleaning cycle

Oil change message

Temporary external vacuum settings

Manually lifted lid

AISI 304 stainless steel tray

Static device for cooking at low temperatures.

Strong, protected heating elements at the bottom of the tank

AISI 304 stainless steel tank

Electronic temperature control system with temperature and operating time display

Same control system as the Sooftcooker with a delta T 0.2 ° C:

- 5 save programs

- temperature can be set in C ° and F °

- standard tank cover

- audible alarm informing about reaching the set temperature

- an audible alarm informing about the end of the cooking time

Technical data:




100W - 1700W

Power source

230V / 50Hz

Vacuum pump

4 mc / h

Encapsulating strip

260 mm

Vacuum chamber dimensions

270x350x75 mm

The dimensions of the kitchen chamber

280x400x180 mm

Kitchen chamber capacity

19.7 kb

Cooking compartment filling level

15 l


695 mm


560 mm


685 mm


257 mm


340 mm


263 mm


264 mm


708 mm

Net weight

45 kg

Transport dimensions

740x720x320 mm

Gross weight

48 kg

HS code


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