Mainly made of high-quality, stainless steel, as well as modern and durable plastics
and other corrosion-resistant metals and alloys, powered by mains electricity and gas (LPG or GZ),
a freestanding vertical meat toaster, perfect for preparing, for example, kebab meat or gyro meat.
The rotation of the toasted meat is provided by an electric drive unit on the top of the Potis G1 / toaster.
The electric motor is equipped with an appropriate switch that allows the placed meat to rotate in both directions.

Technical Specifications

The width of the device / device base: 395 mm,
Length / depth of the device without a bathtub: 500 mm,
The width of the device with the fat pan: 500 mm,
Length / Depth including grease pan: 650 mm,
Device height without drive unit: 705 mm,
Overall height of the device (with the motor): 795 mm.
Heating capacity (effective) for propane-butane (LPG): 5.25 kW.
Heating capacity (effective) for natural gas (GZ): 5.25 kW.
Effective area of heating burners: 370 x 135 mm.
Maximum weight of meat: 15 kg.
Height of meat: 340 mm.
Rated gas consumption: 0.41 kg / h (0.54 m³ / h).


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