Funnel for TALSA Sausage Stuffer, Diameter 30 mm

Our TALSA brand funnel for sausage stuffing is an essential piece of equipment for every enthusiast of homemade deli production. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this funnel ensures durability, hygiene, and reliability in the sausage stuffing process.

With a diameter of 30 mm, the funnel is perfectly tailored to meet various needs in the production of sausages. The robust construction and top-quality material make the funnel resistant to external factors, translating into a long lifespan and stability of the product.

The TALSA funnel with a 30 mm diameter has been carefully designed to facilitate the sausage stuffing process, catering to both experienced charcutiers and those embarking on their journey into home deli production. It is not just a funnel; it is a tool that enhances the comfort and efficiency of the sausage-making process in your own deli. Offering not only robust craftsmanship but also the assurance that your sausages will be stuffed uniformly and with attention to every detail. With the TALSA funnel with a diameter of 30 mm, the production of homemade deli products becomes even more enjoyable and satisfying.


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