• Brushes for cleaning tanks and tanks

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  • 31.00 zł - 365.00 zł

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Okrągła szczotka,twarda z podwójnym mocowaniem włosia ST9RES
Price 80.00 zł tax excl.

Dimensions: 110mmx115mmØ; bristles: hard, mounted in epoxy resin.

Most of the models available in 10 colors help to segregate the work area and comply with HACCP.

Delivery time from 2 to 10 business days.

Vikan szczotka do czyszczenia maszyn i rur- do kija- średnio twarda 103 mm.
Price 71.00 zł tax excl.

Medium bristle brush for cleaning pipes and machines. Fits all Vikan handles. Available in several colors.

Brush with dense bristles on the sides and front. Perfect for wide pipes.

Delivery time 2- 10 business days.