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Meat grinder 12SQO,...
Price 3,835.00 zł tax excl.
4,717.05 zł tax incl.

The Bartscher 12SQO meat grinder is a professional device that significantly simplifies the meat grinding process in the kitchen. With its high power, versatility, and robust construction, it is an excellent choice for restaurants, meat processing facilities, and demanding chefs. However, the absence of a reverse function may affect user comfort.

Maszynka do mięsa FW10 Bartscher 370226
Price 902.00 zł tax excl.
1,109.46 zł tax incl.

The FW10 Bartscher meat grinder is an indispensable kitchen tool that allows for fast, efficient, and safe meat grinding in various forms. With exceptional power, a range of accessories, and a sturdy design, this machine meets the expectations of both professional chefs and home cooks, contributing to excellent culinary results.

Meat grinders are highly efficient and professional devices designed for use in the gastronomy and meat industry. They are characterized by very high productivity, reaching up to 1000 kg of processed meat per hour, and are larger than home meat grinders. In our store, you will also find smaller devices that have sufficient parameters for use in small gastronomy or at home.

Meat grinders offered in the wammashop.pl online store are made of high-quality materials, stainless steel, and equipped with strong drive units, most often cooled and placed in an oil bath. In addition, the devices are usually built of more solid materials and are larger than average home devices.

Mincers are efficient devices that allow for the processing of large batches of meat. This is a very important issue, especially taken into account in restaurants and catering companies, where buying minced meat from wholesalers is not an option due to the lack of freshness guarantee and uncertainty about what might actually be in the meat. Ground pork or beef in a restaurant kitchen will have much better flavor and higher quality.

A professional meat mincer may resemble a home appliance, but to make the best choice, you first need to choose the appropriate power of the device. Electric meat grinders are a reliable kitchen helper. We recommend our devices to gastronomy establishments, households, and agritourism farms. High-performance and powerful machines will allow you to prepare minced meat for a larger number of guests and prepare a variety of dishes, especially in mass catering places, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants.

We also have in our portfolio devices with very high performance, which will find their place in meat and food processing plants. A rich set of accessories makes them multi-purpose machines. Made of the best materials.