The device is configured and optimized in terms of the stunning conditions - the type of stunned poultry, the number of stunned pieces at one time, the speed of the production line, etc. Recommended weight of stunned poultry from 0.5 to 10 kg, and the number of stunned pieces at one time depends on the size of the stun tank. The total set current must not exceed 3.3 A per one piece.

  • smooth regulation of the intensity and frequency of the stunning current
  • 9 stunning programs (possible to change their parameters by the user)
  • the ability to change the stunning program with one button
  • registration of operating parameters

The solid, durable housing, safe connections and high quality of the electric and electronic components used allow for intensive use.

The device does not require special protection and maintenance. Nevertheless, annual inspections are necessary for proper operation.

The STZ 6 / DW device is a network device with a separation transformer with an electronic measurement and control system as well as a PIG820 slaughter parameter controller and a recorder of stunning parameters.

The power supply unit is placed in a special box. The box is adapted to be fixed in the place of use.

There is a power socket with a special pin on the side of the power supply.

The following are located on the external door of the power supply: - on / off button (start - green, stop - red);

- light signaling STUN - red;

- indicator indicating ALARM - yellow;

- digital display of stunning voltage, stunning current and frequency (x10);

- PIG830 slaughter parameters controller and stunning parameters recorder console;

- inspection window with SD card slot and fuse socket.

The device automatically measures the resistance and, based on the guidelines (included in the parameters set in the PIG830 slaughter parameters controller ), selects the appropriate current values in real time (during slaughter) so as to carry out the correct stunning cycle.

The STZ 6 DW stunning device should be connected to the power network circuit made with a copper wire with a cross-section of not less than 1 mm 2 .

Poultry arms VD

The arms are adapted to stunning poultry over 5 kg. Properly profiled elements of the arms mounted on a resilient stainless steel connector ensure comfortable maneuvering, and sharp stainless electrodes ensure proper contact with the bird's head and effective current conductivity.

• the mass (weight) of the arms ca: 0, 8 kg
• shoulder length: 25 cm ,
• cable: 7 m

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