• External dimensions (mm): 1070 x 700 x 1800
  • Height (mm): 900
  • Number of levels: 8
  • Fish capacity (pieces): approx. 220
  • Capacity for meat (kg): approx. 160
  • Max. temperature (C °): 130
  • Connection to the chimney (mm): 130
  • Nominal voltage (V): 400
  • Efficiency (kW): 10.4
  • Gas (kW): 20.9
  • Gas consumption (kg / h) 1.64

In the case of our F4 to F6 models, we would like to emphasize once again their high operating and operating comfort as well as an extremely favorable price.

With these systems, we would like to offer several models that are of particular interest to manufactories and small businesses as they enable the production of high-quality products in a cost-effective manner. Thanks to these systems, we combine the traditional smoking process with modern technology (digital control). These compact systems take up little space and are easy to handle. Their control units are clearly laid out and functional, and depending on the requirements, they can be mounted on the left or right side of the smoker (please specify when ordering). By default, the door opens to the right; on request, we can also deliver them with left-hand hinges. For charcoal-fired cabinets, always use the standard smoking process that has been tried and tested in practice: larger pieces of charcoal are used to generate heat, and wood shavings and sawdust to produce smoke.


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