Transverse loading
Made of AISI 304 stainless steel inside and out. High pressure PUR foam insulation, free from FCKW halons. Rounded edges inside the device. Bottom with integrated drain and condensate drip tray. Fan installed in the rear wall. Removable, easy-to-clean rack with guides. Easy to use control panel with digital display and temperature probe of cooled products. Ability to save programs and defrost function. Capacity 10xGN 1/1 or 10x EN 400x600. Containers depth up to 65mm. The distance between the guides is 70mm.

External Dimension: 790x840x1630 mm (LxWxH)
Internal dimension: 668x418x791 mm (LxWxH)
Refrigerant: R452a
Power - Power: 400V / 1.59kW
Cooling capacity: 45 kg (+ 90 ° C / + 3 ° C) in 90 min.
Freezing capacity: 30 kg (+ 90 ° C / -18 ° C) in 240 min.
Cooling capacity: 4565W evaporation temp. -10 ° C
at + 40 ° C ambient temperature
1859 Evaporative temp. -30 ° C
at + 40 ° C ambient temperature
Net weight: 165 kg
Accessories: Heated temperature probe

What are the characteristics of blast chiller-freezers?

Sovereign planning, quick preparation, top quality
"Freshly prepared tastes best" we can confidently put this claim on file. The system for cooling and storing previously prepared dishes by Rilling made by Krosno-Metal preserves the prepared dishes, preserving their aroma and quality of products at the highest level, without damaging the structure of the product. This does not mean having to compromise on the quality of the food and its taste. On the contrary, smart-fresh technology ensures the highest safety for food products, because the cooling processes are very fast, controlled and preserve quality and taste.
Scope of application
Smart-fresh technology opens up new possibilities for preparing and storing freshly prepared dishes for all types of dishes. Once ready to serve, they can be preserved and are ready to be regenerated and served at any time.
Rational preparation of dishes is a daily requirement in a professional kitchen. Blast chilling improves the economy and work efficiency. Working with portions saves time, and the ability to prepare larger amounts of dishes at the same time reduces costs.



Wymiary 10GN1/1 Szokowa

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