This preparation is a selected composition of hydroxides and surfactants, softening, complexing and preserving washed surfaces. It is a very concentrated product, thanks to which it effectively removes meconium, fats, proteins as well as persistent coatings and burns (smoke, tar and deeply embedded impurities). Surfactants ensure good penetration and softening of sediments. The content of the alkaline fraction optimizes the functioning of detergents and the process of saponification of fats, thanks to which the preparation slightly alkalises the sewage. The use of a low-foaming preparation in smoking chambers with an automatic injector washing system significantly reduces the costs of the washing process.

  • Biodegradation over 90%.
  • Working concentrations: 1.0-5.0%.
  • Washing temperature: 20-90 o C.
  • Dosing control: conductometric analysis.

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