Device for putting on footwear boots with the first supply of 110 boots.

Device dimensions 420 mm x 220 mm x 130 mm.

This dispenser allows for quick, easy and hands-free fitting of temporary shoe covers, significantly reducing the spread of soil and associated germs.

The ideal solution for use in food preparation areas, medical facilities, show houses, and wherever waste reduction is required.

The machine is sold with the amount of 110 pieces of ADR2 protectors (light plastic shoe cover). A non-slip ADR3 version is available. These protectors are suitable for moderate use in moderately dry areas. The protectors are not intended for reusable use and for use on rough or very abrasive surfaces or where there is a very smooth and wet slippery floor. Footwear should be dry before putting covers on.

The device should not be placed in cold stores, as long-term low temperatures will reduce the flexibility and effectiveness of the ADR2 / ADR3 protector band. Covers fit UK 13 / EU 48 1/2.


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