Type of fittings Two-handle mixing tap
Version Mixing faucet with a dishwashing shower
The diameter of the hole in the table 30 - 35 mm mm
Water connection 1/2 "
Flow at 3 bar amount of flowing water: 16 L / min
Water stream regulator: 26 L / min
Handles metal (EUR)
Valve type Stainless steel valve seats
Attachment to regulate the water stream 55 mm
Movable spout 180 °
Type of assembly Single hole
Installation Connection 1/2 ″ (external thread)
fixing with threaded stub: 3/4 "
Properties No risk of kickback
setting ring for continuous operation
high resistance to impact, abrasion and wear
chemical resistance in a wide temperature range
excellent corrosion resistance
low coefficient of friction
Material Brass
Important tip -
width 515 mm
depth 415 mm
height 1430 mm
weight 6.8 kg