Backrest angle 65-75 degrees.

Multifunctional aluminum ladder
for versatile and professional use.

Consisting of three elements z
non-slip, fully grooved
rungs of 30mm x 25mm.

Very durable anodized ladder with the option
to be used as a free-standing, leaning or sliding ladder.

Possibility of using the narrowest element as a separate leaning ladder.

Available up to a total height of 11.10 m (3 x 15 rungs)

Increased material durability.

Harden the surface.

Oxidation resistance.

Anodized aluminum does not stain.

Models 4003 and 4101 equipped with an additional stabilizer for even greater safety.

The ladder is equipped with a set of wheels for easy sliding on the wall.

Meets the PN-EN 131 standard. of ladders 4000-4200 2013.pdf



Instrukcja drabiny 4000-4200

Download (2.26M)

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