Made of a combination of polypropylene, polyester, stainless steel and anodized aluminum, practical ordering kit. Medium-hard broom bristles are cut obliquely so as to facilitate the removal of dirt from corners or other narrow and hard-to-reach places / spaces, while two types of bristles (with a diameter of 0.3 and 0.5 mm) are to help in capturing
various impurities. The slightly flexible blade of the scoop adapts well to the ground, making it easier to scoop up. Vikan 5661x is perfect for removing dry, damp and wet rubbish. Resistant to fatty, acidic substances and even alcohol. The materials used are resistant to temperatures up to + 121 ° C, safe for food up to max. + 80 ° C (for temperatures above + 80 ° C, the manufacturer recommends no more / longer than 30 minutes of contact with food) and is suitable for washing in maximum temperature + 93 ° C.

Length / Width: 370 mm,
Width / Depth: 240 mm,
Overall height: 1170 mm.
Product weight: 1.693 kg.


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