made of chrome-molybdenum steel, high-quality X55CrMo 14 alloy, as well as polyamide, a plastic with increased mechanical resistance, professional "ErgoGrip" butcher knife. The knife has been equipped with a computer sharpened and laser controlled, highly polished blade, with a very effective cutting edge, hardened to 56 degrees HRC, i.e. a degree of hardness that significantly reduces material wear. A special technological procedure equips the "ErgoGrip" knives with ergonomic, comfortable handles with a non-slip handle surface, both in wet and greasy condition, and even when working with metal protective gloves. The free space between the blade and the handle provides adequate protection for your fingers. The knives are heat resistant up to +130 degrees Celsius and suitable for dishwashers. One specialists, out of concern for the sharpness of the knives, advise against cleaning them in this way, rather recommend washing them by hand, and after washing, wiping the entire knife dry by hand


Blade length: 210 mm

blade height max. 22 mm

total length of the knife: 340 mm

handle color: blue

Weight: 0.119 kg


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