There are many reasons why you should buy smoking systems. A system that is to serve reliably for many years.

There is therefore no need to compromise when purchasing a new system. You should carefully compare what is on offer: design, construction and size (dimensions H x W x D), and you will find that no other smoking system is available on the market in this version, for such a value.

The design and design of our F1, F2, F2 / 70 and F2 70/60 models have fans with an almost unlimited service life.

These are only our Beelonia F-series smokers, characterized by a double steel casing and a thick insulation layer, different from standard chambers.

Thanks to the damper and regulation of the supply air and the double steel casing, heat and smoke evenly surround the smoked products from the bottom, ensuring even toasting and smoking. Therefore, it is worth relying on the advantages offered by Beelonia smokehouses.

  • External dimensions (mm): 850 x 1800 x 600
  • Inner dimensions (mm): 660 x 1550 x 565
  • Height (mm): 590
  • Weight (kg): 129
  • Number / spacing between levels (mm): 7/150
  • Fish capacity (pcs): approx. 120 - 130
  • Capacity for meat (kg): approx. 80 - 100
  • Max. temperature (C °): 130
  • Connection to the chimney (mm): 130
  • Nominal voltage (V): 400
  • Efficiency (kW): 5.8

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