The testo 625 temperature and humidity measuring instrument is the ideal thermohygrometer wherever it is important to maintain the correct indoor air parameters, e.g. in warehouses, archives, greenhouses.

The testo 625 hygrometer also calculates the dew point and wet bulb temperature quickly and precisely.

* measurement of ambient temperature and relative humidity.

* calculation of dew point and wet bulb temperature.

* indication of MNI / MAX value, HOLD function (value held on the display).

* patented humidity sensor with a maximum service life.

Product description: The compact testo 625 hygrometer is equipped with an attached humidity and temperature probe for measuring the ambient temperature and relative humidity. It also calculates the dew point and wet bulb temperature.

The hytherograph is equipped with a large, readable, backlit display, the HOLD function, which allows the measurement values to be kept on the display and the indication of the maximum and minimum values.

In addition, the testo 625 hygrometer has a power-off mode to save battery power. It is also equipped with the patented Testo humidity sensor, characterized by a long service life, ensuring precise and stable measurements for years.

The testo 625 hytherograph can be adapted to individual requirements with the following accessories:

Handle with cable: just remove the probe from the housing of the meter and connect it to the handle with cable (option) - possibility of temperature and humidity measurements in hard-to-reach places

Radio handpiece: simply remove the probe from the housing, connect it to the cordless handpiece (optional) and place the wireless module in the testo 625 hygrometer (optional) - the measured values will be transmitted wirelessly from the probe to the instrument over a distance of up to 20 m (in an open space )

TopSafe case (option) - protection against dirt and mechanical damage when storing the hygrometer.

Scope of delivery: testo 625 thermohygrometer, temperature and humidity probe, factory calibration report, batteries.

Technical data:

- measurement range:

-10 ... +60 ° C

0 ... 100% RH

- accuracy:

± 0.5 ° C

± 2.5% RH (5..95% RH)

- resolution:

0.1 ° C

0.1% RH

- dimensions: 182 x 64 x 40 mm

- operating temperature: -20… + 50 ° C

- housing: ABS

- warranty: 2 years

- battery type: 9V, 6F22 battery

- battery life: 70 hours (without using the radio handle)

- storage temperature: -40… + 85 ° C

- weight: 195 g (without batteries)

Accessories (testo 625):

1.transport case

No. 0516 0210, net price: PLN 107.00

2. TopSafe case to protect the meter during measurements

No. 0516 0210, net price: PLN 107.00

3. Radio handle for connecting the humidity module

No. 0554 0189, net price: PLN 385.00

4. Radio module (fitted in testo 625), required for the radio handpiece

No. 0554 0188, net price: PLN 158.00

5.humidity module (spare)

No. 0636 9725, net price: PLN 411.00

0563 6251

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