• Detectable Products

Carefully selected detectable products avoid serious accidents. Utensils used while working with food may accidentally enter food and endanger the health of consumers. To prevent this, choose strikingly colored plasters, rulers or pens detectable by a metal detector. A wide selection of this type of products is available in the offer of our online store Wammashop.pl.

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Detectable products in the Wamma store

In our Wammashop.pl store, we have prepared office supplies most often used in the food industry, which are easily detectable. Thanks to this, even if the pen or ruler accidentally gets into the food, they will be detected in time and removed. We also offer blue detectable plasters, which are necessary in case of possible cuts. If this type of patch falls off during use, thanks to the contrasting color, it will be quickly noticed or tracked by metal detectors. This is ensured by a special plate placed in slices. They are available in various sizes and are waterproof and durable.

What makes our detectable pens different?

A detection pen and a marker for labeling pieces of meat, which is available in our store, are equipped with ink suitable for contact with food. Thanks to this, they do not threaten the quality and safety of products. In our offer you will find a detectable pen in various colors, making it easier to keep your office space tidy. We have also prepared various models of stationery for food establishments that you can adapt to your individual needs. All of them are distinguished by durability, careful workmanship and ergonomic shape that facilitates writing.

To maintain the highest safety standards in food preparation workplaces, use only detectable products that are suitable for contact with food. Check the offers prepared by our online store Wammashop.pl.