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łopata do pizzy
Price 26.00 zł tax excl.
31.98 zł tax incl.

We present the Pale E Accessori for the Pizza Pizza range of Sirman pizza shovels.

Available within 3 weeks.

grill, szkło ceramiczne
Price 2,844.00 zł tax excl.
3,498.12 zł tax incl.

Professional grill weight 11 kg.

Stainless steel plate.

Two 260x290 mm plates / 1500 watt power.

The order fulfillment time is about 3 weeks.

There would be no great dishes if you had nothing to prepare them on. Here you will find gas, ceramic and induction cookers. Fryers, grills, kettles, and toasters. You can do everything that requires thermal treatment thanks to devices from this category.