The easiest way to extend the life and care of your kitchen utensils is to choose a high-quality knife sharpener. This type of equipment is indispensable in any professional kitchen and makes work much easier. You can find it in our Wamma online store.

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Tarcza szlifierska 150x14x40
Price 92.00 zł tax excl.
113.16 zł tax incl.


Lamella abrasive disc for Mado USM528 sharpener size 150x14x40mm K100

Sharpener - an indispensable tool for sharpening kitchen knives

A knife sharpener is a must-have for anyone who wants to work effectively in the kitchen. A professional knife sharpener means that even an old and damaged knife can gain a second life. It also allows for regular maintenance of knives, which significantly improves their condition. Our online store offers sharpeners for butchers and kitchen knives from reputable manufacturers, for example the electric wet knife sharpener Dick. We also have manual variants of this type of equipment, as well as a wide selection of accessories dedicated to sharpeners. Thanks to this, in our store you can complete the entire set of utensils necessary for caring for knives. Each of them presents the highest quality standards and enjoys many positive opinions from satisfied customers.

Which knife sharpening device should you choose?

Kitchen knife sharpeners are very diverse. Individual devices have a different gradation and it is this criterion that should be taken into account when making the selection. Blunt, damaged kitchen utensils can be saved by a low-gradation gastronomic knife sharpener. The highly graded butcher knife sharpener will allow you to polish the blade for even better cutting results. It is also worth paying attention to accessories for sharpeners. Thanks to them, the equipment will be operational and can be used for a long time. Discs for a sharpener are especially important as they determine the effectiveness and efficiency of its operation. It should always be exactly matched to the sharpener model. We have gathered everything necessary for sharpening and caring for knives in our Wamma online store.