Knife Sharpener, Stainless Steel, PrimeEdge HES-S3

Stationary knife sharpener, stainless steel, PrimeEdge HES-S3, is an innovative solution dedicated to professional meat processing facilities. Designed to be mounted to the worktable, this stationary sharpener features a modern design, improved performance, extended durability, and reduced weight.

Always imitated, never replicated - the HES-S3 sharpener restores perfect sharpness to knives in just a few seconds. Three alignment rods ensure perfect adaptation of sharpening to each knife, regardless of the length of the edge, from the base to the tip.

The innovative design, including a wider entrance, directs the knife blade perfectly onto the aligning rods, while avoiding contact with the base. This ensures precise and effective blade sharpening.

Additionally, the HES-S3 sharpener is characterized by increased durability, providing longer spring life than ever before. At the same time, the product is lighter than ever, making it easier to handle during daily use.

The final effect is achieved through electropolished finishing, minimizing the accumulation of contaminants and ensuring cleanliness and hygiene during use. The PrimeEdge HES-S3 knife sharpener is not just a tool but also a guarantee of a perfect edge for every professional chef or culinary enthusiast working in the meat processing industry.


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