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  • 36.00 zł - 23,010.00 zł

A sterilizer for knives and tools will help you keep your kitchen and industrial utensils immaculate. It will remove all impurities and microorganisms from their surfaces, making them suitable for use in the food industry. You can find effective sterilizers in our online store

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Water Sterilizer for Knives...
Wamma Poland Macewicz
Price 3,608.00 zł tax excl.
4,437.84 zł tax incl.

Water sterilizer for knives and steels

An appliance designed for the sterilization of various tools in meat processing plants, fishmongers, supermarkets, and the gastronomy industry.

Sterilizer for knives with a length of up to 400 mm.

Ozone sterilizer with...
Wamma Poland Macewicz
Price 3,805.00 zł tax excl.
4,680.15 zł tax incl.

Sterilizer with magnetic strips for 30 knives and rods for hanging tools such as steels, sharpeners, scissors, metal gloves, etc.

Lead time:
Available from stock or, in case of unavailability, a lead time of 4 weeks

ET urządzenie do dezynfekcji rąk
Wamma Poland Macewicz
Price 8,200.00 zł tax excl.
10,086.00 zł tax incl.

* if you try to bypass hand disinfection, the device beeps loudly

* due to their compact dimensions, they can be set up practically anywhere, without wasting space, thanks to the streamlined shape and the lack of nooks and crannies, there is no possibility of unwanted bacteria and viruses developing on it

Delivery time:
Available from stock or if not available delivery time is 4 weeks.

How does a knife sterilizer work?

The sterilization device removes all bacteria from kitchen utensils. It uses UV radiation for this. By choosing the products available on our website, you can be sure that they meet the latest safety standards. The sterilization machine can therefore be fully used in a slaughterhouse, restaurant or butcher shop.

How to choose an industrial sterilizer?

The device for sterilization of tools should be adjusted primarily to the specifics and dimensions of the equipment that you will be cleaning in this way. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your utensils are safe and that the sterilization will continue. In the online store, you can order exactly the sterilization devices you need.