OZONE Sterilizer with Magnetic Strips - Ensuring Hygiene in Your Butcher Shop!

Looking for an effective and safe solution for sterilizing knives in your butcher shop?

Opt for the OZONE sterilizer with magnetic strips, which utilizes the power of ozone for effective elimination of microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses. It's an excellent solution that ensures hygiene and safety in your workplace.

How does the OZONE sterilizer work?

Sterilization is done using ozone (O3), a strong oxidizing agent that combats microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses from the surface of knives. The recommended sterilization time is 60 minutes, and the process automatically turns off when the door is opened and restarts when closed.

Advantages of the OZONE sterilizer:

  • High effectiveness: Ozone sterilization eliminates up to 99.9% of microorganisms, ensuring microbiological safety of knives.
  • Safety: Ozone is safe for humans and animals after the sterilization cycle.
  • Easy operation: Place knives on the magnetic strip, start the sterilizer, and after 60 minutes, enjoy sterile clean tools.
  • Versatility: The sterilizer is suitable for knives of various lengths, meeting diverse needs.
  • Compact construction: The convenient size of the device makes it ideal for any butcher shop, occupying minimal space.
  • Stainless steel: Made of high-quality stainless steel, the sterilizer is resistant to corrosion and easy to clean.

Invest in the OZONE sterilizer and enjoy:

  • Food safety: Sterilized knives guarantee hygienic and safe food production.
  • Satisfied customers: Your customers will surely notice and appreciate the high quality of your products and hygiene.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your knives are sterile and clean will provide you with comfort and confidence during work.

Order the OZONE sterilizer today and feel the difference!

Technical Specifications:

Material Stainless steel 1.4301
Recommended sterilization time 60 minutes
Capacity Up to 10 long knives
Dimensions 500 x 130 x 800 mm

Additional Information:

  • We also offer other models of ozone sterilizers with different capacities and functionalities.
  • We provide professional advice on the selection and use of sterilizers.
  • Contact us for more information and to choose a sterilizer perfectly tailored to your needs!


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