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Wamma Poland Macewicz
Price 259.00 zł tax excl.
318.57 zł tax incl.

Made of: hooks and pin made of stainless steel 1.4301.

On a zinc-plated slide bracket DIN5047.

6 levels x 2 hooks.

8x30mm flat bar hooks.

Hanger weight about 9 kg.

Delivery time - available from stock or up to 14 business days.

pęto sprężynowe na łańcuchu
Wamma Poland Macewicz
Price 280.00 zł tax excl.
344.40 zł tax incl.

Automatic release strap

Automatic leg loosening with a spring

Design for a fi 60 pipe

The console is made of hot-dip galvanized steel

electro-galvanized chain

Electro galvanized spring element

Of course, the assortment of our company also includes durable, certified equipment for slaughtering and cutting farm animals. The product range in this category includes butcher, roller or slide hooks for cattle with a very high lifting capacity, or spreaders for the transport of pork half carcasses.

We also have a tether for automatic release, roller tethers for the cattle bleeding track, and an ordinary pig tether with a special console made of hot-dip galvanized steel and a galvanized chain. There are also S-shaped slings, sharpened on one side (length from 60 mm to 200 mm), made of high-quality stainless steel.

For the storage and transport of poultry and offal, we recommend our hangers in various variants. The offer also includes accessories - washers for butcher's hooks, transport trolleys, a cleaner that improves adhesion of lubricants and lubricants characterized by high resistance to high pressure.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of spreaders and other butcher's equipment.