Hog Half Carcass Spreader

The hog half carcass spreader is a professional tool designed for efficient and safe movement of hog half carcasses in slaughterhouses and meat processing plants. Its robust construction is based on high-quality stainless steel, ensuring not only durability but also hygiene, meeting all sanitary and technical standards.

Versions of the spreader are available for pipes with a diameter of fi 60 or fi 48, allowing the tool to be adapted to various needs and working conditions. The sliding console is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, protecting it from corrosion and ensuring additional durability. Thanks to this solution, the tool performs exceptionally well in challenging environmental conditions.

The technical specifications of the carcass spreader are impressive in terms of efficiency and load capacity. It weighs approximately 2.5 kg, with a lifting capacity reaching an impressive 250 kg. The spreader's width is 590 mm, allowing for stable and secure placement of hog half carcasses. The console, a key element of the tool, has an external dimension of 190 mm and an internal dimension of 160 mm, demonstrating precision and the use of sturdy materials.

The hog half carcass spreader is essential equipment for professional meat processing facilities, ensuring not only effectiveness but also long-term use while maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Key Product Features:

  • Available in versions for fi 60 or fi 48 pipes.
  • Console made of hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • Spreader made of stainless steel.

Technical data:

Weight: about 2.5 kg
Lifting capacity: 250 kg
Spreader width: 590 mm
Console length (external dimension): 190 mm
Console length (internal dimension): 160 mm

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