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  • 6,332.00 zł - 76,402.00 zł

If you don't know what equipment cleaning equipment to choose, you'll love an industrial washer. It has been designed to quickly clean and disinfect as many tools as possible. Choose one of the proposals that we offer to our clients on the Wammashop.pl website.

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Why is it worth buying industrial washers?

In restaurants, slaughterhouses and other facilities related to the food industry, cleanliness is extremely important. The industrial washer will make it much easier for you to properly care for hygiene standards. Depending on which model you choose, you can put various items in it. There is, among others, a washer for plastic containers, which will remove all dirt from their surface, or an exact industrial washer for baskets. Before buying, pay attention to which utensils a specific washer is dedicated to. This way you will be sure that none of your tools will be damaged during cleaning. Find out how clean your accessories can be and take advantage of our offer.