The extremely effective method of high pressure cleaning requires carefully selected parts for pressure washers. In the offer of our online store we have prepared all the necessary accessories for pressure washers that you can use at work in restaurants, processing plants or in shops.

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1 / 2˝ stainless steel ball...
Price 123.00 zł tax excl.
151.29 zł tax incl.

Material: Stainless steel, Maximum pressure: 60bar, Flow: 80l / min, Temperature: 150 ° C, Input: GW 1/2 ", Output: GW 1/2 ", Weight - 240g, New - Code - available version with a handle

What do you use spare parts for a pressure washer for?

A water washer can make cleaning much easier. You can use it to refresh the facade of the building, clean the fences or clean the sidewalks in front of the premises. It is a convenient solution, above all, for hotels and restaurants with gardens. The washer will allow you to prepare them quickly to receive guests. A pressure washer will also be useful when washing the car - it will get rid of dirt and give the car body a shine. You will need high-quality parts to keep your equipment running smoothly. In our online store you will find, among others, carefully made, durable drums, hoses, foamers and guns. Thanks to them, work with a pressure washer will run even more efficiently and will provide you with spectacular results.

How to choose parts for high pressure washers?

When your pressure washer breaks down, there are a few things you should pay attention to when purchasing spare parts. The most important thing is to match the parts to a specific model of equipment. Pressure washers are labeled with nameplates. It has all the necessary information to help you match the rest of the parts. It is best if the additives come from the same manufacturer as the pressure washer. If this is not possible, make sure the accessories are compatible with the device. If you complete the set correctly, the price of the pressure washer will be very favorable, and the device will work properly for a long time.