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  • 17.00 zł - 203.00 zł

The quick-release couplings for water enable you to efficiently connect the individual parts of the hose. If you choose high-quality products made of high-quality materials, the entire device will work smoothly. Check out the quick coupler proposals that we have prepared for you in our online store Wammashop.pl.

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szybkozłącze żeńskie, 1/2"
Price 165.00 zł tax excl.
202.95 zł tax incl.

Safe One, liquid return valve.

To be used with a foam generator 9300, 9301, 9305, 9306 as protection against backflow of chemicals into the water supply system

Material - Stainless steel
Pressure -25 bar
Diameter - 1/2 "
Weight - 0.45 kg

Made in PolandNiskie Ciśnienie - Woda z sieciŚrednie Ciśnienie - CSM

Delivery within 2 to 10 working days.

Dysza ze stali nierdzewnej do płukania 1/4" 25/30 - kątowa
Price 69.96 zł tax excl.
86.05 zł tax incl.

Delivery within 2-14 business days
length: 70 mm
Diameter - 22 mm
Weight - 0.077 kg
connection size: 1/2 inch

Antybakteryjne właściwościŚrednie Ciśnienie - CSMMade in Poland

Quick coupler for pressure washer - how to choose?

In order to function properly, the water quick-coupler should be exactly matched to the model of the device. When shopping, pay attention primarily to its dimensions. Thanks to this, you will create a compatible set. A very important feature that should distinguish quick couplings is durability. Opt for a part made of solid, stainless material. It is worth choosing fittings for pressure hoses resistant to the harmful effects of various substances. They will also be properly secured against unsealing. The devices prepared in this way can be used wherever you need a stream of water with very high pressure - for example when organizing large processing plants and slaughterhouses.

Why Choose Our Metal Water quick coupler?

In the Wammashop.pl online store, we have prepared couplings that are perfect for the food industry. The water quick coupler, which you will find in several sizes, will perfectly fit the hose and various attachments. Thanks to this, they will not leak, and the equipment will work smoothly. So you will not be exposed to wasting water and inaccurate work of hoses. Each of our connectors for a pressure hose and washer is also very durable and will serve you for a long time. Our products come only from reputable suppliers, so we can offer accessories that meet the highest quality standards. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer. You will find there not only quick couplings for hoses, but also everything that is necessary to maintain hygiene in a catering establishment.