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Kratka zmywakowa Bartscher 101094
Price 153.00 zł tax excl.
188.19 zł tax incl.

The grid is an attractive alternative to a washing basket and is used to wash extremely large containers such as pots, bowls and plastic crates.

Zmywarka przelotowa DS 903 Bartscher 109342
Price 17,313.00 zł tax excl.
21,294.99 zł tax incl.

Even more hygienic and economical - the optimized pass-through dishwasher is equipped with an innovative drain system, an energy-saving boiler system, an efficient DuoFlo pump and a convenient lifting system.

Zmywarka DS 2002 Bartscher 109349
Price 25,737.00 zł tax excl.
31,656.51 zł tax incl.

Greater pumping capacity, lower pressure loss and smooth running - arguments that definitely speak for the built-in DuoFlo pump. In combination with an exceptionally high loading height, the pass-through dishwasher provides invaluable help in every dishwasher.

Zestaw montażowy ZAT 10 Bartscher 109559
Price 191.00 zł tax excl.
234.93 zł tax incl.

Mounting kit ZAT 10 Bartscher. Enables the use of Bartscher loading and unloading tables in conjunction with the DS 2500eco pass through dishwashers

Zmywarka TF517 Bartscher 110557
Price 10,137.00 zł tax excl.
12,468.51 zł tax incl.

A highly efficient dishwasher for the best washing results thanks to an optimized spray arm with an innovative nozzle arrangement. In conjunction with the 500 grid, the dishwasher is also suitable for washing pots and bowls.

Zlewozmywak 650 szer.600 US, Bartscher Nr art.115114
Price 4,521.00 zł tax excl.
5,560.83 zł tax incl.

Series 650 - A series of appliances for the professional kitchen. It is distinguished by optimal use of energy, efficient appliances and user-friendly cleaning. The modular design enables easy and multi-variant setting of devices. Devices made entirely of 18/10 chrome-nickel steel.

Something that no place can do without. In gastronomy, it is especially important that you never run out of anything. Here you will find everything you need for dishwashers, water treatment devices, hand dryers, insecticide lamps and chemicals, certified gastronomic chemicals, so that your kitchen will always sparkle with cleanliness.