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5 szt. noże do skórowaczki 434x20x1 GWST
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Price per pack of 5 pcs. Made of ice-hardened Swedish AEB-L steel.

Suszarka do rąk  AB14 White
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The Dyson Airblade AB14 dryer is 50% quieter and more economical than its predecessors (AB03, AB05, AB06 and AB07) and is equipped with the latest technologies. In a class of its own

Delivery time from 2 to 10 business days.

Suszarka do rąk  AB14 Grey
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Dyson Airblade AB14 dryer - Bacteria reduction from exterior surfaces: up to 99.9% in 24 hours.


Delivery time from 2 to 10 business days.

Nóż szefa kuchni PREMIUM CUT Chefs No. 1 1900 s 20 rc
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Extremely sharp blade made of special chrome-molybdenum steel .
Perfect for all types of cuts .
Good balance .
In an exclusive wooden box .
Blade guard included.

Profesjonalny nóż do filetowania, elastyczny 20 cm 5.8450.20 Victorinox Swibo
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Chef's knife for filleting fish.

Straight, flexible blade with serrations, 20 cm.

Can be washed in a dishwasher.

Can be sterilized, max temperature 110 ° C.

Testo 206-pH2 - pehametr
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Compact meter for temperature and pH testing in liquids and semi-solid / viscous products.

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Testo 206-pH1- pehametr
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Measuring instrument for measuring the pH level in viscous substances, e.g. jellies, creams, meat, cheese, fruit ...

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wąż z atestem spożywczy na wysokie ciśninienie
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Hose for pressure washing systems approved for the food industry.

Complete section with stainless steel endings, length 15 m.

Food ContactŚrednie Ciśnienie - CSMUltra Hygienic

Available from stock.