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  • 52.00 zł - 452.00 zł

If you want to keep your plant in order and keep your utensils in good condition, try professional knife accessories. They facilitate their storage and additionally extend their service life. You can find them in various variants on our website Wammashop.pl.

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Sheath for 2-3 knives with...
Price 86.00 zł tax excl.
105.78 zł tax incl.

Price for the set with the belt.

The sheath is designed for employees in meat processing plants, slaughterhouses, and butcheries.

Sheath with a belt suitable for 2-3 knives.

Practical knife accessories

Correct storage of knives is extremely important if you want to use them for a long time. For this purpose, special covers and baskets will be useful, in which you can place your butcher's utensils. Our offer includes knife accessories in various sizes, so you can easily choose the option that suits you best. All of them are distinguished by careful workmanship and high aesthetic values. This makes the basket or sheath for butcher knives reliable tools in your plant and will help you keep order in the slaughterhouse.

A knife basket or a scabbard for a kitchen knife?

When choosing a knife basket, sheath or case, first of all, pay attention to how many knives can fit in it. Models are available for storing one knife as well as 10 utensils. In the case of a knife sheath, its length is also very important. It is worth paying attention to this, because it is important that the knife is properly adjusted to it. The material from which the storage accessories are made also plays an important role. In the case of baskets, it is usually stainless steel. The scabbards are most often made of plastic. If you want to choose reliable and durable knife accessories, see the assortment of our Wamma online store.