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620L pallet box with spout...
Price 660.00 zł tax excl.
811.80 zł tax incl.

Big Box p / p 4 feet, gray, 1200x1000x760mm, certified.

It has a spout with a cap. The above price includes one spout with a cap. If you need to prepare two screeds, please contact us.

Hygienic pallets and box pallets

Made of plastic, most often polyethylene. Also with an admixture of recycled LLDPE. They are strong and durable, frost and chemical resistant. Impact resistant at low temperatures. They can be used in warehouses with a reduced temperature of up to -30 degrees.

Hygienic pallets for the food and meat industry. In various configurations with a non-slip surface and rims ensuring stability for stacked food containers. We also have versions of pallets with reinforced skids with steel reinforcement. Pallets with hygienic certificate.