Euro pallet 120x80 cm, plastic

Euro pallet with dimensions of 120x80 cm, made of durable plastic, is an indispensable tool in the field of logistics, transport and storage. This plastic Euro pallet has been designed with the food, meat and fish industry in mind, meeting the highest standards of hygiene and durability. One of the most important advantages of this palette is its extraordinary impact resistance. Thanks to the thick-walled construction and the use of a special recycled LLDPE composite, the pallet is able to withstand heavy loads and long-term use. Regardless of difficult transport or storage conditions, the Euro pallet is reliable and ensures safe storage and transport of food.

The plastic Euro pallet has a full top, smooth and easy to clean, which makes it easy to maintain high cleanliness and hygiene. It also has a certificate from the National Institute of Hygiene, confirming compliance with the standards and requirements for the food industry. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the pallet meets the highest quality and safety standards. The plastic Euro pallet has been designed on skids, which makes it easy to carry and manipulate. In addition, equipped with edges that prevent the loaded boxes from slipping, it guarantees stability and safety during transport. These rims are particularly important in the case of transporting delicate or unusual food products.

The 120x80 cm plastic Euro pallet is a reliable and versatile tool that meets the requirements of the food industry. Made of high-quality materials, it ensures durability, hygiene and safety of transported food products. Regardless of the type of goods or transport conditions, this pallet will meet expectations and contribute to effective supply chain management.

Technical data:

  • Material Frost- and chemical-resistant polyethylene.
  • Dynamic load 1500 kg.
  • Static load 1000 kg (on racks) / 5000 kg.
  • Size 1200x800x150mm.
  • Smooth surface with edges.
  • Temperature range -30°C +70°C.
  • Weight 18 kg.

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