Openwork plastic pallet 120x100 cm, with edges

A plastic pallet with a size of 120x100 cm is an innovative solution that is distinguished by its openwork structure and durability. Equipped with 5 mm high toeboards at the edges, this pallet provides optimal support and protection for the items being transported. Made of durable polyethylene, which is both chemical and frost resistant, the pallet is perfect for a variety of conditions and industries.

One of the main advantages of this palette is its extraordinary impact resistance. Regardless of whether it is transported in difficult conditions or stored on uneven ground, the pallet maintains its structure and is not damaged. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the products will be safe and well protected during transport and storage.

The openwork plastic pallet is also easy to keep clean and hygienic. Its openwork structure allows free air flow and moisture removal, which helps to maintain the freshness and hygiene of the stored products. In addition, its surface is easy to clean, which speeds up the cleaning process and ensures compliance with sanitary standards.

Openwork plastic pallet with dimensions of 120x100 cm is a reliable tool in the logistics, storage and production industries. Its innovative openwork structure provides excellent ventilation and moisture removal, which protects stored products from spoilage and ensures their long-term freshness. Impact resistance, easy cleaning and high durability make this pallet irreplaceable in various conditions and applications.

Technical data:

  • Material Frost- and chemical-resistant polyethylene.
  • Dynamic load 1000 kg.
  • Static load 2000 kg (on a flat surface).
  • Size 1200x1000x160mm.
  • Openwork surface
  • With 5mm rims.
  • Temperature range -30°C +70°
  • Weight: 6.5 kg


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