Knee-operated stainless steel washbasin WH111 - a hygienic solution for industry!

Are you looking for a touchless and hygienic washbasin that will perfectly suit your production facility, butcher shop, or any other place requiring a high level of hygiene? The knee-operated stainless steel washbasin WH111 is the perfect solution!

Why choose the knee-operated washbasin WH111?

  • Hygiene: Touchless operation using the knee button eliminates the need for manual touching of valves, preventing the spread of bacteria and ensuring hygienic use.
  • Functionality: The water flow time of just 7 seconds allows water saving and ensures quick and comfortable hand washing.
  • Durability: Made of stainless steel 1.4301, the WH111 washbasin is resistant to corrosion, mechanical damage, and easy to clean, ensuring its long lifespan.
  • Aesthetics: The modern and minimalist design fits into any interior and gives it a professional character.
  • Easy installation: The washbasin is designed for wall mounting, allowing optimal use of space.
  • User-friendly: The knee-operated switch and 1/2 inch water supply are easy to use and ensure smooth operation.
  • Versatility: Adjustable water temperature set by the mixer allows customization to individual needs.
  • Compactness: With dimensions of 500 x 400 x 250 mm, the WH111 washbasin is compact enough to fit into various spaces.
  • Lightweight: Weighing 5.8 kg facilitates installation and transportation of the washbasin.


  • Food production and meat processing facilities
  • Butcher shops
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Offices
  • Workshops
  • Other places requiring high hygiene

Technical specifications:

Material: Stainless steel 1.4301
Water flow time: 7s
Installation: Wall-mounted
Hydraulic fittings included: - Spout (sink)
- Water mixer
- Siphon
- Drain hoses
Switch: Knee-operated
Water supply: 1/2 inch
Drain installation: DN50
Water temperature: Set by mixer
Dimensions: 500 x 400 x 250 mm
Weight: 5.8 kg

The knee-operated stainless steel washbasin WH111 ensures hygiene, comfort, and durability!

Order the WH111 washbasin today and enjoy a professional solution that meets your expectations. We guarantee high quality, functionality, and satisfaction with the use of our industrial products.


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