Boning Knife - Butcher's Knife, Flexible Curved

The butcher's boning knife designed for boning tasks. Curved and flexible, it's the Dick ErgoGrip model. The blade length is 13cm, part of the ERGOGRIP series. Made from stainless steel, which has been additionally polished. The blade is laser-cut. Hygienic connection of the blade with the handle. It features a wide thumb rest. The handle is safe, durable, well-balanced, ergonomic, and non-slip, with a rounded back, available in red, black, blue, yellow, and orange colors.

Key Features of the boning knife:

  • Polished, laser-cut blade.
  • Hygienic blade-to-handle connection.
  • Wide thumb rest.
  • Safe, durable, well-balanced, ergonomic, and non-slip handle.


The DICK boning knife is a versatile tool that excels in various tasks, such as:

  • Meat cutting
  • Fish cutting
  • Vegetable cutting
  • Vegetable peeling
  • Meat filleting
  • Deboning meat

Technical Data:

Series: ErgoGrip
Blade length: 130 mm
Width: 2,20 cm
Height: 3,70 cm
Total length: 26,10 cm
Blade type: Flexible
Weight: 0,10 kg
Material: Stainless Steel

Boning Knife - Butcher's Knife 13 cm

The 13cm boning knife from the ErgoGrip series is an exceptional tool designed with professional users in mind. Offering uncompromising ergonomics and sharpness, these butcher's knives are the perfect choice for those seeking a reliable and durable knife for everyday use. Whether you work in the industry, crafts, or engage in home butchery, the ErgoGrip knives guarantee uncompromising hygiene and top-notch professional quality, ensuring fatigue-free work.

In the ErgoGrip series, we use only high-quality knife alloys (X55CrMo14) and special material compositions for both the blade and handle. The precise blade geometry provides efficient and accurate cutting. The blade is polished, corrosion-resistant, and stable, made from high-quality X55CrMo14 stainless steel with a hardness of 56° HRC. This ensures the blade retains its long-lasting sharpness, reducing the need for frequent sharpening. Each blade undergoes a special hardening process, individually case-hardened and monitored, achieving optimal results in terms of hardness and structure.

Thanks to the polished cutting edge, the knife is even sharper, increasing work efficiency. The sharpness of the blade helps save materials and time and reduces the risk of accidents, as it diminishes fatigue and conserves energy during work. The hygienic blade-to-handle connection ensures easy cleaning and maintains proper sanitary standards. The polished surface minimizes residue adhesion, making the knife corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

The handle has no gap between the blade, and its special properties in non-absorbent plastic prevent the absorption of grease and dirt. The handle is resistant to heat, shocks, and abrasion, ensuring long-lasting use without compromising quality. The series offers various handle colors for different areas or purposes, enhancing hygiene and identification. As a testament to their high quality and safety, the ErgoGrip knives have been awarded the American NSF certification.

The knife is equipped with a wide thumb rest, providing a secure and comfortable grip while reducing the risk of accidental slips during work. The handle also features a pronounced finger guard, and the back of the blade is rounded. The ergonomically designed handle, made of top-quality plastic, ensures a comfortable and non-slip grip, allowing for precise handling and increased efficiency.


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Standard blade
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