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Footwear protection level

Footwear protection level



Work shoes are an important element of protective clothing for employees. They protect the feet against injuries, contact with harmful substances, prevent falls and help to keep the workplace clean. Safety shoes that meet the requirements of occupational health and safety clothing are available in the online store. Check what we have prepared for you and take care of the safety of employees in the food industry.

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Work Shoes White Slip-On,...
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Price 105.00 zł tax excl.
129.15 zł tax incl.

Italian brand Safeway. Low BHP work shoes, white moccasins, slip-on design, suitable for work in the food industry and meat processing plants.

Laced safety shoes ONICE...
Price 179.00 zł tax excl.
220.17 zł tax incl.

Italian brand Safeway. Low lace-up safety shoes designed for work in various environments. Suitable for use in the food industry, sanitation, horticulture, or the electronics industry.

Laced work shoes ONICE...
Price 178.00 zł tax excl.
218.94 zł tax incl.

Italian brand Safeway. Low, lace-up safety shoes designed for work in various environments, including the food industry, sanitation, horticulture, or the electronic industry.

White work sandals, SAFEWAY...
Price 130.00 zł tax excl.
159.90 zł tax incl.

Italian brand Safeway. Safety work sandals, low, white moccasins, slip-on designed for work in food sectors and meat plants.

Laced protective work...
Price 169.00 zł tax excl.
207.87 zł tax incl.

Italian brand Safeway. Low lace-up safety work shoes designed for various workplaces, including the food industry, chemical industry, or HORECA.

Ocieplacze - bawełniane wkłady do kaloszy
Price 18.20 zł tax excl.
22.39 zł tax incl.

Cotton wellington boot warmer made of thick cotton fabric (so-called polka dots) and a felt sole.

Work shoes - an indispensable element of the employee's outfit

Professional work shoes are used in many industries. They play a very important role, among others, in the food industry - they can be used in slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, restaurants and shops. In each of these places, they will perfectly protect your feet from contact with chemicals and water. The footwear available in our online store meets the highest quality standards and has all the necessary certificates. Thanks to this, you will be sure that the attire of employees meets the health and safety standards. We offer only footwear from proven sources. You will find safety shoes from brands such as Bekina and Exena.

We offer women's, men's and unisex work shoes in various sizes. Footwear is made of durable, waterproof materials that will work great in a production hall or in a slaughterhouse. The special toe pads that soften impacts are also a great protection for the fingers. The wearing comfort is also increased by the inserts that allow the skin on the feet to breathe. Thanks to this, even after a few hours, it will not be exposed to excessive sweating, which will avoid discomfort.

Safety is a very important feature of work shoes. Our products use non-slip soles that protect employees from falling even on a wet floor. The work shoes we present are also easy to care for. The materials used can be disinfected and machine washed. Thanks to this, you will be sure that no contaminants will be transferred to the food processing area through them.

Catering shoes - how to choose the right type?

The type of gastronomic footwear should be adapted to the workplace. In the cold store, white insulated work shoes will be perfect. Wellington boots with an additional warmer will be the most practical. Special boots for cold stores will perform their function at temperatures as low as -40 ° C, in which traditional men's and women's work shoes stiffen and are susceptible to damage. In the case of shoes made of a thick layer of polyurethane, the feet will be protected against the cold in all conditions.

Professional work shoes are also available in a slip-on version. These types of light ankle-high work shoes will prove themselves primarily in places where comfort is the most important. It is worth choosing oil-resistant models that will not be damaged during prolonged contact with food. When performing work where the feet are exposed to injuries, it is worth choosing reinforced safety shoes that will help to avoid ankle injuries. On the other hand, in butcher shops or in a restaurant kitchen, comfortable work slippers made of soft texfiber material can be used as working shoes. In situations where standard white safety shoes will not look aesthetically, you can choose professional black shoes designed to resemble sports shoes. They combine a fashionable appearance and high technical parameters.

When choosing the type of work footwear, in each case it is worth paying attention to the markings that indicate the safety level of a given model. The classification is marked with the letter S - Safety. The lowest protection is provided by shoes marked with SB - they meet the minimum standards for safety footwear. They have a toe cap that protects against impacts up to 200 J and crushing up to 15 kN, and their sole is resistant to oils, gasoline and organic solvents. You can recognize the next categories by symbols from S1 to S5. The higher the number, the more protection is provided by safety footwear. The highest, 5th class of footwear provides, in addition to the basic protection, additionally:

  • antistatic properties,
  • vibration damping,
  • water absorption,
  • sole puncture resistance,
  • energy absorption in the heel.

If you want to provide your employees with reliable, comfortable work shoes made of the highest quality materials that will serve for a long time, choose only proven proposals. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer and to place orders in our online store