EXENA BORNEO_20 S3 SRC Protective Safety Boots

The EXENA BORNEO_20 S3 SRC high safety boots are designed for demanding and heavy-duty work conditions. Ideal for use in industries, workshops, the oil and gas sector, as well as in gardening and agriculture, these comfortable and secure boots by EXENA provide reliable protection. The BORNEO model is classified with safety standard S3 and features a textile puncture-resistant insole and a toe cap made of polycarbonate to safeguard the toes.

The boots have a hydrophobic-treated natural leather upper combined with breathable textiles. The interior is made of breathable and abrasion-resistant material. The polyurethane sole, tested on ceramic and metal surfaces, provides excellent traction (SRC rating).

Key Product Features:

  1. Shock-Absorbing Sole: Equipped with a shock-absorbing sole that enhances comfort during extended wear.

  2. Antistatic Design: The boots have antistatic properties, reducing the risk of static buildup and discharge.

  3. Impact Resistance (200J): Meeting safety standard S3, these boots are resistant to impacts of up to 200 joules, ensuring protection against accidental collisions or heavy object impacts.

  4. Slip-Resistant Sole: The SRC-rated slip-resistant polyurethane sole offers superior traction on both ceramic and metal surfaces, minimizing the risk of slips and falls.

  5. Oil-Resistant: The boots are resistant to oils, making them suitable for industries where exposure to oily substances is common.

  6. Breathable Design: The combination of natural leather and breathable textiles ensures proper air circulation for added comfort.

  7. Waterproof Upper: The hydrophobic-treated leather upper provides water resistance, making the boots suitable for wet working conditions.

Technical data:

Product Code: A0321V065
Product Name: BORNEO_20 S3 SRC
Safety Standard: S3
Slip-Resistant Sole: SRC (ceramic and metal surfaces)
Upper Material:

Natural leather, hydrophobic treatment

Toe Cap: Composite 200 J
Puncture-Resistant Insole: Yes, textile
Insole: Removable, shock-absorbing, antistatic
Inner Material: Breathable, antibacterial, abrasion-resistant
Color: Black/Brown
Gender: Male


  • Construction
  • Industrial and workshop
  • Gardening and agriculture
  • Oil and gas, Logistics and warehousing

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