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Quartering shear, EFA Z 27
EFA Meat Procesing Power
Price 39,325.00 zł tax excl.
48,369.75 zł tax incl.

These shears are well-suited for quartering large cuts of meat. The force exerted by this tool enables quick and effortless quartering.

Quartering shear, EFA Z 28
EFA Meat Procesing Power
Price 42,515.00 zł tax excl.
52,293.45 zł tax incl.

The EFA Germany Z 28 shears are designed for the purpose of quartering pigs and cattle, with a cutting force of 26.5 kN.

Hydraulic leg and head...
EFA Meat Procesing Power
Price 16,490.00 zł tax excl.
20,282.70 zł tax incl.

Strong and practical hydraulic cutter with dimensions of 495 x 343 x 140. The cutting cycle time is 1.2 seconds, and the blades have a 100mm spacing.

Płyta przepędowa.
Price 209.00 zł tax excl.
257.07 zł tax incl.

A plate for grouping the herd.

  • crack resistant
  • solid, thanks to the grooves used
  • light
  • available in red as standard, other colors on request.
Double whip for a whip washer
Price 16.20 zł tax excl.
19.93 zł tax incl.

Length 385 mm.

Material: thermoplastic elastomer with high mechanical strength in the full temperature range. Plastic sleeve.

poganiacz wiosło
Price 73.10 zł tax excl.
89.91 zł tax incl.

The taming oar. The material (glass fiber) ensures high fracture strength. The oar lies firmly in the hand, thanks to the rubber grip. To chase away pigs without causing pain to the animals.

We offer a wide range of equipment for slaughter and cutting pigs and cattle. The WAMMA online store has been equipped with modern tools that meet high quality requirements, which will facilitate production work in meat plants and butchers.

The equipment of the slaughterhouse includes containers, tools and machines made of stainless and acid-resistant steel. Thanks to this, pigs and cattle are slaughtered in a manner that complies with applicable EU standards and legal provisions. It is a series of devices intended, among others for stunning, chasing, bleeding and securing animals for slaughter. The available tools for slaughtering cattle and pigs also include saws and cutting tongs, circular knives, kneading machines and skinning machines. The online store's offer also includes butcher's equipment, which includes shackles, hooks, slings, food packaging and stainless steel furniture.

We care about the high quality of products intended for use in butcheries and meat processing plants. We are constantly expanding the range of the WAMMA online store with new solutions.