Paw cutting pliers, EFA Z 08

The EFA Z 08 hydraulic tongs is a specialized tool designed for precise cutting of animal joints. They have a maximum jaw opening of up to 8 cm, which enables effective cutting of limbs. The pliers have a scissor spacing of 80 mm and generate a pressing/closing force of 18 kN (approx. 1900 kg), which allows for effective cutting.

The main purpose of these forceps is to cut the joints of animals such as hogs, sows, pigs, rams, sheep and lambs. They can be used for both pigs and other farm animals.

The EFA Z 08 forceps are characterized by the speed of action, where the time of closing the jaws is on average 0.75 seconds. They are also relatively light at 12.0 kg, making them easy to carry and handle.

Like other EFA tools, the EFA Z 08 limb cutters are easy to clean and maintain, and ensure safe use. They are easy to use, durable, effective and reliable. Thanks to the sharpness of the tools, cutting takes place without bone splinters, which contributes to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

These pliers are characterized by quick closing and opening of the pliers, which speeds up the cutting process. There is a choice of pneumatic or electric drive, giving you the flexibility to suit your preference. In addition, all external parts of the pliers are made of corrosion-resistant materials, which guarantees their long-term use.

The EFA Z 08 hydraulic extremity pliers are a reliable and effective tool that ensures precise cutting of livestock joints.

Purpose / animals:

  1. Hogs, sows, pigs
  2. Sheep, lambs

Technical data:

Dimensions: 485 x 251 x 247 mm
Scissor spacing / forces capacity: 80 mm
Pressing / closing force: 18,3 kN ((approximately 1900 kg)
Jaw closing time: 1,3 s
Weight: 12 kg
Operating pressure: 200 bar
Długość przewodu hydraulicznego: 5 m
Sound pressure level EN ISO 11688 - 1: < 85 dB (A)
Arm vibration according to EN ISO 5349 - 1: 2,5 m/s2
Air consumption per cut: 1,6 cm3

  • Scissor spacing / forces capacity: 80 mm
  • Pressing / closing force: 18 kN (approx. 1900 kG)
  • Jaw closing time: 0.75 seconds average
  • Pliers weight: 12.0 kg

Application / purpose:

  1. Joint cutting of pigs and medium-sized livestock, e.g. feet, legs, paws
  2. Farm animals: pigs, sows, pigs, rams, sheep and lambs

Advantages of the EFA Z 08 limb/hoof cutter:

  1. Easy to clean and maintain, safe to use
  2. Simple to use/operate, durable, highly effective and reliable
  3. Relatively light and sharp - no bone splinters after cutting
  4. Fast closing and opening of the pliers / pliers / scissors
  5. Increased cutting force, pneumatic or electric drive
  6. All elements made of corrosion-resistant materials


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