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DICK GmbH: Tradition, Innovation, and Excellence in Culinary Tools

DICK GmbH is a renowned brand specializing in producing high-quality tools and accessories for the gastronomy and food industry. With over 230 years of experience, the company has earned the trust of customers worldwide through excellent quality and innovative solutions. We offer a wide range of products, including kitchen knives, butcher knives, and knife sharpeners, known for their precise craftsmanship and ergonomic design. Our innovation and commitment to customer needs ensure that we deliver solutions perfectly tailored to industry requirements. As a leader in the industry, we guarantee the highest quality, safety, and full technical support for our customers, making us the preferred partner for restaurants, food processing plants, and professional chefs worldwide.

Sharpeners and Butcher Knives by F. Dick GmbH: German Precision and Tradition in the World of Excellent Culinary Tools

Welcome to the world of culinary excellence, where tradition, innovation, and German quality meet in every product. F. Dick GmbH is not only a producer of sharpeners but also butcher and slaughter knives, which have been the cornerstone of excellent cuisine for over 230 years.

What sets apart our knives and sharpeners?

  • Tradition and Experience: Our kitchen tools are the result of over two centuries of craftsmanship, blending tradition with modernity to ensure unparalleled quality.
  • German Quality: Each of our knives and sharpeners is made from the highest quality materials, guaranteeing not only durability but also safety during work.
  • Innovative Solutions: Our team is constantly seeking new, innovative solutions that make our tools indispensable for professional chefs and butchers.
  • Technical Support: We're not just here to provide you with tools. Our professional customer service is here to assist you at every step, ensuring your comfort and success.

Don't hesitate! Join the ranks of professionals who choose F. Dick GmbH as their kitchen partner. Visit our online store and discover the full range of sharpeners, butcher knives, and slaughter knives that will help you achieve mastery in the art of cooking!

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Electric knife sharpener DICK RS-150 DUO
  • Recommend
Price 3,454.00 zł tax excl.
4,248.42 zł tax incl.

Electric Knife Sharpener DICK RS-150 DUO - Perfectly sharpened knives at your fingertips! Discover advanced knife sharpening solutions that come with a compact design, durable diamond grinding wheels, and ceramic polishing wheels. Ready for efficient sharpening and impeccable finishing? That's precisely what the RS-150 DUO sharpener provides!

Professional electric knife sharpener DICK SM-90
  • Recommend
Price 1,706.40 zł tax excl.
2,098.87 zł tax incl.

Discover a professional way to keep your knives in excellent condition with the Dick SM-90 sharpener. This advanced device ensures reliable and precise knife sharpening, perfect for both kitchen professionals and craftsmen. Dick SM-90 is a compact and efficient tool that provides indispensable sharpness to every knife.

Knife Sharpener Dick...
  • Recommend
Price 290.00 zł tax excl.
356.70 zł tax incl.

The MAGNETO STEEL HYPERDRILL DICK 9008400-77 knife sharpener is a professional tool in blue-gray color that ensures excellent precision and effectiveness during knife sharpening. This technologically advanced sharpener is perfect for refreshing and restoring the sharpness of kitchen knives and tools. Thanks to the built-in magnets, it provides stable and secure blade holding, facilitating the sharpening process. This reliable tool will keep your knives always ready for cutting, ensuring smooth and precise slicing.

Electric knife sharpener,...
  • Recommend
Price 1,941.00 zł tax excl.
2,387.43 zł tax incl.

Electric sharpener Dick SM-100 - Your tool for perfectly sharpened knives. Thanks to advanced technology and a compact design, it is ideal for both professional chefs and craftsmen. This device will help maintain knife sharpness at the highest level, saving time and maintaining a high standard of work.

Included with paste for lubricating abrasive belts

Professional electric sharpener for all types of knives and blades.

Ostrzałka elektryczna do noży DICK SM-111
  • Recommend
Price 7,044.00 zł tax excl.
8,664.12 zł tax incl.

Electric knife sharpener DICK SM-111 - Perfectly sharp knives within your reach! This advanced sharpener is an indispensable tool for both professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts. Thanks to its precision and innovative solutions, maintaining knives in perfect condition becomes easy and efficient.

nóż do filetowania, trybownik Dick wykrzywiony, elastyczny
Price 38.43 zł tax excl.
47.27 zł tax incl.

Boning knife with a curved blade, flexible, plastic handle.

Series: ErgoGrip. Length: 15 cm.

Available in colors: black, blue, yellow, red, orange.

Dick Rapid Steel Hyperdrill...
Price 244.34 zł tax excl.
300.53 zł tax incl.

A sharp knife is the key to success in the kitchen. Our professional knife sharpener is an excellent tool that ensures precise sharpening and maintenance of your knives' sharpness. Regardless of your cooking experience level, our sharpener will help you keep your kitchen tools in perfect condition.

Dick chef`s steel 25 cm,...
Price 316.00 zł tax excl.
388.68 zł tax incl.

Dick Series 1905 steel wire, round, length 250 mm, ebony handle.

Made of light steel with a point sharpening surface. The handle is made of ebony wood and nickel-plated silver stripes, which can be used as a place to engrave the inscription.

Dick chef`s steel 30 cm,...
Price 347.00 zł tax excl.
426.81 zł tax incl.

Dick Honor steel, oval, length 300 mm, ebony handle.

Made of light steel with a point sharpening surface. The handle is made of ebony wood and nickel-plated silver stripes, which can be used as a place to engrave the inscription.

Premier Plus Chef's Knife,...
Price 496.00 zł tax excl.
610.08 zł tax incl.

A professional-grade knife from the Premier Plus series, known for its perfect balance and high-quality stainless steel construction, accompanied by an ergonomic handle. The blade length of this knife is 30 cm.

Chef's Knife, Premier Plus,...
Price 223.00 zł tax excl.
274.29 zł tax incl.

A knife for perfectionists, chefs, or ordinary cooking enthusiasts. This short knife with a 12 cm blade length can accomplish a lot and maintain its properties for a very long time.

Tarcza filcowa do ostrzałki 124x19x15mm
Price 336.00 zł tax excl.
413.28 zł tax incl.

This wheel complies with standards and has been tested according to EN 13236, confirming its high quality and safety. It is an indispensable tool for professionals engaged in sharpening and maintaining knives in the culinary industry.