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DICK GmbH is a renowned and highly regarded brand specializing in the production of top-quality tools and accessories for the gastronomy and food industry. With over 230 years of tradition and experience, DICK GmbH has earned the trust of customers worldwide through excellent quality, innovative solutions, and a continuous drive for product improvement.

The company offers a wide range of products, including kitchen knives, meat blades, food processing accessories, and tools for food production and preparation. Each DICK GmbH product stands out with precise craftsmanship, robust materials, and ergonomic design, ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort for users during their daily tasks.

Innovation is a key element of DICK GmbH's operations. By utilizing advanced technologies and continuously researching market needs, the company consistently introduces modern solutions that make the work of professional chefs and food producers easier. Open ears to customer feedback allow for creating products that are precisely tailored to diverse industry requirements.

As a manufacturer with a long-standing tradition, DICK GmbH plays a crucial role in ensuring the highest quality and safety in the food industry. All products undergo meticulous testing and meet the highest hygiene standards, providing customers with complete confidence in the tools offered.

DICK GmbH is not only a supplier of excellent tools but also a provider of comprehensive technical and service support for its customers. Professional customer service and prompt response to all needs make cooperation with DICK GmbH a guarantee of success and satisfaction.

All these characteristics make DICK GmbH a leader in the industry and a preferred partner for restaurants, food processing plants, and professional chefs worldwide. The company remains dedicated to its mission of delivering top-quality products that support the passion for cooking and creating exceptional dishes.

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Premier Plus Chef's Knife,...
Price 544.00 zł tax excl.
669.12 zł tax incl.

A professional-grade knife from the Premier Plus series, known for its perfect balance and high-quality stainless steel construction, accompanied by an ergonomic handle. The blade length of this knife is 30 cm.

Chef's Knife, Premier Plus,...
Price 245.00 zł tax excl.
301.35 zł tax incl.

A knife for perfectionists, chefs, or ordinary cooking enthusiasts. This short knife with a 12 cm blade length can accomplish a lot and maintain its properties for a very long time.

Nastrzykiwarka igłowa, ręczna DICK 9005000
Price 585.90 zł tax excl.
720.66 zł tax incl.

The German company Friedr. DICK GmbH & Co. KG is a producer of the highest quality devices and accessories used in the food industry and gastronomy.