Dick's German boning knife

Our butcher knives from the ErgoGrip series offer uncompromising ergonomics and sharpness. Are you looking for a reliable, robust butcher knife for everyday use? Whether in the industry, craftsmanship, or for home butchering, ErgoGrip knives are absolutely hygienic and of the highest professional quality, ensuring effortless work. In this series, we exclusively use high-quality knife alloys (X55CrMo14) and material compositions for the blade and handle.

High-quality blade features

The blade has an extended lifespan due to increased hardness, reaching up to 56 degrees Rockwell through a diffusional hardening process. This means the knife will need less frequent sharpening. Each cutting edge is additionally polished to provide better protection against corrosion, further prolonging the knife's life and enhancing its hygiene, as fewer particles adhere to the polished surface. With sharp knives at all times, you can save on materials and time, increase productivity, and reduce accidents through effortless and energy-efficient work.

The handle is made of sturdy and impact-resistant material. The knife blade is precisely integrated into it without any gaps or corners where dangerous dirt and residues could accumulate. This is especially crucial in the food and meat industries, where workplace hygiene is paramount. The handle does not absorb grease or dirt, is easy to clean, and resistant to heat, shocks, and wear.

For your safety, the handle is ergonomically shaped with a broad thumb rest and clearly marked finger guard, and the back of the blade is rounded. The finger guard prevents accidental slipping of the hand and contact with the knife blade. The ergonomic handle shape and high-quality synthetic material ensure a comfortable and non-slip grip, enabling precise handling and improved efficiency.

Technical data:

Series: ErgoGrip
Blade length: 150 mm
Width: 2,30 cm
Height: 3,90 cm
Total length: 28,50 cm
Blade type: Stiff
Weight: 0,12 kg
Material: Stainless Steel


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