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Giesser Messer is a renowned German company specializing in the production of high-quality kitchen knives for over 200 years. It was founded in 1776 in Winnenden, Baden-Württemberg, and since then, it has become a pioneer and leader in the field of knife manufacturing for various applications.

Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies, Giesser Messer ensures the highest quality and reliability of its products. Through meticulous craftsmanship and attention to every detail, Giesser Messer knives have gained recognition and trust from professional chefs, restaurateurs, and cooking enthusiasts worldwide.

Giesser Messer products are characterized by exceptional sharpness, durability, and ergonomic design. The company uses only the finest materials, such as high-carbon stainless steel, to provide outstanding strength and cutting precision. The manufacturing process adheres to the highest standards, guaranteeing not only excellent quality but also safe usage.

The rich product range of Giesser Messer includes various knife models, including kitchen knives, meat knives, deli knives, fish filleting knives, and other specialized kitchen tools. Each product is carefully designed and crafted to meet the demands of the most discerning chefs and culinary enthusiasts.

Beyond its recognition among professionals, Giesser Messer is also committed to developing products with environmental protection in mind. The company constantly strives to minimize its impact on the environment through resource-efficient practices and a commitment to sustainable development.

With its long history, passion for excellence, and advanced technology, Giesser Messer remains one of the most esteemed knife manufacturers in the world. Its products are synonymous with the highest quality, reliability, and unmatched excellence in the art of culinary preparation.

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Butcher's boning knife, 20...
Giesser Messer GmbH
Price 71.00 zł tax excl.
87.33 zł tax incl.

Butcher's boning knife "skinner," high-polish blade.

Blade length: 20 cm, curved. Overall length with handle: 34 cm.

Weight: 126 g.

Identification: 2005 20.

Available colors: black, yellow, blue, red, green.

Boning knife blade 16 cm,...
Giesser Messer GmbH
Price 59.00 zł tax excl.
72.57 zł tax incl.

Boning knife, high-gloss polished blade, ball cut.

Classic shape with a straight back blade.

Blade length 16 cm.

Total length with a handle: 30 cm.

Weight: 116 g.

Available colors: black

Designation: 3105 wwl 16.

Slicer knife, 28 cm blade, black GIESSER 7305 28
Giesser Messer GmbH
Price 94.00 zł tax excl.
115.62 zł tax incl.

Delicatessen knife, pointed tip, 28 cm blade, matte and polished finish.

Total length with handle: 42 cm.

Available colors: black, yellow, blue.

Identification: 7003 28.