Three-Pronged Sausage Pricker, GIESSER 4065

The Giesser 4065 pricker is an indispensable tool for professional butchers, now also available for culinary enthusiasts who appreciate the art of food preparation. With three needles made of stainless steel, this pricker offers not only durability but also precision in the process of puncturing sausages. The ergonomic plastic handle makes using this pricker comfortable and enjoyable. The handle is designed with food safety in mind and complies with all legal requirements regarding food contact.

Weighing 421 g, this pricker is sturdy, making it easy to handle while ensuring durability and reliability during use. The designation 4065 is a symbol of Giesser's brand quality, which is well-regarded in the industry. With three stainless steel needles, this pricker is perfect for puncturing sausages, providing hygiene and safety in the meat preparation process. The dishwasher-safe feature makes it easy to keep the pricker clean after intensive use.

The Giesser 4065 Sausage Pricker is an essential tool for every professional and kitchen enthusiast who values precision, solidity, and high-quality butcher accessories. Give yourself the chance to perfectly prepare sausages with the help of this three-pronged Giesser pricker.


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