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Professional food thermometers will facilitate the perfect preparation of various types of dishes. With their help, you can control the temperature of dishes in restaurants, products and unprocessed semi-finished products in delicatessen, fish and meat processing plants. We have prepared carefully selected food thermometers in the Wamma online store.

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Termometr testo 103
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The testo 103 food thermometer is just over 11 cm long, making it the smallest foldable food thermometer in its class.

HACCP non-contact...
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Quality control of supplies, production, processing and storage of food - the testo 104 -IR pyrometer, thanks to its rapid infrared temperature measurement, enables food safety control in the food industry and the catering sector.

Waterproof mini thermometer
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A robust waterproof mini thermometer that can be simply washed under running water or even in a dishwasher after use, for example, for spot temperature measurement in food production.

The waterproof food...
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The water-resistant testo 104 food thermometer features a robust metal folding mechanism, a rubber-coated non-slip grip and a precise, stable temperature sensor. The ideal HACCP thermometer for food safety control in the food industry.

Termometr testo 106 - zestaw- termometr dla przemysłu spożywczego
Price 245.00 zł tax excl.
301.35 zł tax incl.

Testo 106 thermometer - the practical and reliable temperature measurement of food products during production, transport and receipt of goods. It is a reliable measuring tool, indispensable in industrial kitchens, restaurants and supermarkets.

Miernik temperatury - testo 926
Price 486.00 zł tax excl.
597.78 zł tax incl.

The fast, accurate temperature measuring instrument testo 926 - for the food sector. The optional TopSafe protective case makes the instrument dirt-repellent and therefore ideal for use in large kitchens, hotels, restaurants and the food industry.

Termometr testo  105
Price 496.00 zł tax excl.
610.08 zł tax incl.

The testo 105 food thermometer ensures product control and food safety. The large backlit display guarantees the readability of the measurement data, even in poor lighting conditions. Frozen food probe.

Immersion probe...
Price 485.00 zł tax excl.
596.55 zł tax incl.

Meter for measuring temperature - measuring range - 50 ..... + 300 ° C. Conforms to HACCP and EN (IP67) standard. Waterproof food thermometer.

A gastronomic thermometer that will never let you down

A professional food thermometer is a device with which you can measure the temperature of the dishes served to customers, the rooms where the carcasses for demolition are stored, as well as finished products intended for sale and transport. You can also use them for smoking, processing meat or baking cakes. Chefs will first of all need a food thermometer, thanks to which their dishes will be carefully refined and invariably just as delicious. In the offer of the Wamma online store you will find both a confectionery thermometer and a fridge thermometer, which come only from proven manufacturers of specialized kitchen utensils. So if you decide, for example, on a kitchen thermometer with a Testo probe from our range, you can be sure that the measurement will be extremely precise.

A pin thermometer or a butcher's thermometer?

Depending on whether you are looking for appliances useful when preparing meals or want to control the temperature in the refrigerator, you will need slightly different utensils. In butcher shops you will undoubtedly need a meat thermometer, and in a pastry shop a baking thermometer. The electronic baking thermometer can also be used at home. Temperature control while cooking is often essential if you want your food to be tasty and healthy. No matter what device you are looking for, reliable and accurate food thermometers are available in the Wamma online store.