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Product description

The testo 104-IR food thermometer enables both quick, non-contact temperature measurement and contact measurement using the integrated penetration probe. Thanks to its small size, it will fit in any pocket, and the possibility of folding the measuring probe ensures safe storage, without the risk of injury or injury. The testo 104-IR non-contact thermometer is the ideal tool for food safety checks during production, transport and storage.

HACCP non-contact thermometer with integrated penetration probe

The testo 104-IR pyrometer is equipped with 10: 1 optics and a 2-point laser sight, which precisely indicates the measuring area and enables quick and precise non-contact surface temperature measurements. The testo 104-IR bed-contact thermometer is especially useful for quality control of deliveries - both when checking the temperature of individual food products and when scanning entire pallets.
The integrated, foldable penetration probe can be used to measure the temperature inside products, such as meat or sausages. Its use is recommended wherever non-contact measurement is insufficient - e.g. the measurement accuracy is beyond the permissible limit value.

Quick and easy measurements
The testo 104-IR food thermometer starts automatically when the probe is folded out. Switching over to the non-contact measurement takes place after pressing the button. The measured values can be read from the large, easy to read display.
The testo 104-IR non-contact food thermometer is not only HACCP compliant and meeting the EN 13485 standard, but also has an IP65 protection class, making it the ideal thermometer for food safety control in the food industry.

Application areas
Regardless of whether it is about transporting or storing food - the ultimate goal is to maintain the continuity of the cold chain. The testo 104-IR pyrometer allows you to maintain the temperature setpoints at each stage of the cold chain. And like every Testo food thermometer, the testo 104-IR non-contact thermometer is HACCP compliant and complies with the EN 13485 standard.

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Testo 104-IR thermometer with penetration probe, batteries and factory calibration protocol.

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