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Testo is a leading global manufacturer of advanced measurement solutions for industries such as industrial, HVAC/R, research and development, and more. With a wealth of experience and an excellent reputation, Testo is known for providing precise and reliable measuring instruments. Testo offers a wide range of products, including thermometers, manometers, combustion analyzers, anemometers, humidity sensors, gas detectors, data loggers, and many others. Each device is carefully designed and developed to ensure the highest accuracy and practicality in use.

With an innovative approach and a commitment to continuous development, Testo consistently introduces new technologies and solutions that make professionals' work easier worldwide. The company is dedicated to research and development to meet the growing market demands and provide customers with the most advanced measuring tools. Testo stands out for the high quality of its products and a constant pursuit of excellence. Each device undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure reliability and durability in various working conditions. The company holds certifications and accreditations that confirm the compliance of its products with the highest industry standards.

Testo's customers can rely on professional advice and technical support. The company offers training, informational materials, and comprehensive assistance in device selection, calibration, and operation. Testo aims to build long-lasting relationships with customers, providing not only high-quality products but also comprehensive care and support.

Testo is committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. The company strives to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment by implementing eco-friendly solutions and production processes.

Testo is a globally recognized brand trusted by customers worldwide. Professionalism, innovation, and reliability are the pillars of the company, which continuously evolves to deliver top-quality measuring solutions for various industries.

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The waterproof food...
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Price 449.00 zł tax excl.
552.27 zł tax incl.

The water-resistant testo 104 food thermometer features a robust metal folding mechanism, a rubber-coated non-slip grip and a precise, stable temperature sensor. The ideal HACCP thermometer for food safety control in the food industry.

Termometr testo  105
Price 496.00 zł tax excl.
610.08 zł tax incl.

The testo 105 food thermometer ensures product control and food safety. The large backlit display guarantees the readability of the measurement data, even in poor lighting conditions. Frozen food probe.

HACCP non-contact...
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Price 658.00 zł tax excl.
809.34 zł tax incl.

Quality control of supplies, production, processing and storage of food - the testo 104 -IR pyrometer, thanks to its rapid infrared temperature measurement, enables food safety control in the food industry and the catering sector.

Waterproof mini thermometer
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Price 164.00 zł tax excl.
201.72 zł tax incl.

A robust waterproof mini thermometer that can be simply washed under running water or even in a dishwasher after use, for example, for spot temperature measurement in food production.

Testo 205 - pH meter set
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Price 1,245.00 zł tax excl.
1,531.35 zł tax incl.

Robust food pH / ° C measuring instrument with automatic temperature compensation. The measuring tip is user replaceable. The use of a diaphragm with slits (and not with pores) makes the probe resistant to microparticles of "biofouling" from the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Testo 206-pH2 - pehametr
Price 1,557.00 zł tax excl.
1,915.11 zł tax incl.

Measuring instrument, probe tip for pH measurement in viscous substances, gel reservoir for storage, 250 ml pH4 + 7 buffer solution, TopSafe carrying case wall / belt holder and aluminum case.

Termometr testo 103
Price 260.00 zł tax excl.
319.80 zł tax incl.

The testo 103 food thermometer is just over 11 cm long, making it the smallest foldable food thermometer in its class.

Termometr testo 106 - zestaw- termometr dla przemysłu spożywczego
Price 245.00 zł tax excl.
301.35 zł tax incl.

Testo 106 thermometer - the practical and reliable temperature measurement of food products during production, transport and receipt of goods. It is a reliable measuring tool, indispensable in industrial kitchens, restaurants and supermarkets.

Testo 622 - miernik temperatury , wilgotności i ciśnienia barometrycznego.
Price 1,295.00 zł tax excl.
1,592.85 zł tax incl.

Testo 622 - thermohygrometer with pressure measurement, including calibration protocol and batteries. The testo 622 measures moisture. relative and temperature and additionally pressure. The large, easy-to-read display shows the current measured values as well as the date and time.

Miernik temperatury - testo 926
Price 486.00 zł tax excl.
597.78 zł tax incl.

The fast, accurate temperature measuring instrument testo 926 - for the food sector. The optional TopSafe protective case makes the instrument dirt-repellent and therefore ideal for use in large kitchens, hotels, restaurants and the food industry.

Immersion probe...
Price 485.00 zł tax excl.
596.55 zł tax incl.

Meter for measuring temperature - measuring range - 50 ..... + 300 ° C. Conforms to HACCP and EN (IP67) standard. Waterproof food thermometer.

Testo 205 - pHmetr
Price 1,700.00 zł tax excl.
2,091.00 zł tax incl.

Robust food pH / ° C measuring instrument with automatic temperature compensation. The measuring tip is user replaceable. The use of a diaphragm with slits (and not with pores) makes the probe resistant to microparticles of "biofouling" from the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Testo 174T - zestaw - rejestrator temperatury
Price 259.00 zł tax excl.
318.57 zł tax incl.

The testo 174T temperature recorder is the perfect tool for transport. It is enough to place the goods nearby, e.g. in containers or cold stores, and the data logger continuously, safely and inconspicuously monitors the temperature. The free testo ComSoft 174 software enables fast logger programming and easy analysis.

Testo 175 T3 - 2 kanałowy rejestrator temperatury
Price 1,060.00 zł tax excl.
1,303.80 zł tax incl.

2-channel temperature recorder with the possibility of external thermocouple connection (type T and type K). This instrument requires a probe connected to function properly