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  • 40.00 zł - 218.00 zł

One of the most classic cleaning accessories is undoubtedly the dustpan and brush set. It is worth having it always with you. Scoops are especially useful in areas where there is often a risk of spilling small substances. Therefore, they should not be missing in various types of eateries or processing plants. You can find high-quality utensils adapted to the needs of the food industry in our online store Wammashop.pl.

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Otwarta plastikowa szufelka  AMDP13
Price 85.00 zł tax excl.
104.55 zł tax incl.

Dimensions: 325 mm x 315 mm

Usage: Waste disposal.

Szufla z krutką rękojeścią   PSH7
Price 89.00 zł tax excl.
109.47 zł tax incl.

Available in several colors. They help segregate the work area and comply with HACCP principles.

Dimensions: 320mm x 260mm

Usage: Handling loose ingredients

Brush and dustpan on a handle and more

In the Wamma store, we have collected interesting offers of brushes and scoops in various sizes for our customers, which will work very well in everyday work. Our offer includes both a plastic dustpan with a shorter handle and a model with a longer handle. Regardless of which option you choose, by purchasing our products, you are guaranteed the highest quality. Our products are made with great care using durable materials, thanks to which they will serve you for a long time. Keeping them clean will also not be a problem for you, so you can use them in places related to gastronomy. What's more, the scoop on the handle with an ergonomic shape helps to maintain the correct position of the body during cleaning, which significantly improves the comfort of work.

How to choose brushes and scoops to the way you work?

Which dustpan with a brush on a stick will work best depends primarily on the specifics of the company. If you need a sweeper with a dustpan for relatively large waste, choose a closed model. Thanks to this, after cleaning them from the floor, you can easily transport them to the garbage can without the risk of spilling. Scoops with a short handle will be irreplaceable when quickly sweeping spilled spices, sugar or flour. In every restaurant related to the gastronomy, there is also a disposable kit for cleaning broken glass. It will protect your hands from injury while sweeping. Both the scoop on the long handle and the scoop on the short handle are available in our store.